FPS Roundup. New Crysis 3 Trailer and Call of Duty Rumors

Written by: Ryan Brunty || 2012-04-24

Over the past few days there has been so many rumors and speculations surrounding both Call of Duty and Crysis 3 that I thought I would conjoin both together in one conveniently mutated package. The internet loves Call of Duty rumors, they eat them up. It’s not for the fact that they want another COD title, it’s so they can ultimately troll and destroy everything Activision has their dirty corporate fingers in. FPS Roundup. New Crysis 3 Trailer and Call of Duty RumorsFirst of the rumors comes from a “leaked” pre-order poster that just points out that there’s going to be a COD announcement on 5-02-12, well as it turns out the announcement is actually going to be on May 1st during the NBA playoffs. Also people poking around COD‘s main site have found a pic of a  weaponized quadrotor drone that @CallofDuty tweeted “ Interesting intel from the field… Can neither confirm nor deny.” regarding the drone and the newest Call of Duty taking on the “Future Soldier” genre. And lastly regarding COD rumors Kotaku received the first pics of possible Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 box art that looks terribly fake and photoshopped. But it could easily be just a cheap pre-order box, so that is also a possibility.

But enough about Call of Duty rumors, let’s talk about news with confirmed hard facts. Today EA and Crytek released the first tralier featuring actual gameplay from Crysis 3. It looks extremely similar to Crysis 2, which isn’t a bad thing since the CryEngine is beautiful, but it shows off a few of the bow kills you only got to see in previous still shots.


Let the trailer speak for itself, but the literal concrete jungle looks amazing and it sounds like Prophet is pissed. There’s plenty of time before Crysis 3‘s 2013 release, so let’s see if they can improve upon the already impressive Crysis 2. Happy hunting.

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Thank you IGN for the Crysis 3 trailer.

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