First Call of Duty MW3 “Content Collection” Detailed

Written by: Ryan Brunty || 2012-03-01

Call of Duty Black Box

Call of Duty Elite Members have been receiving “Content Drops” since mid January of this year, and on March 13th they’ll receive their third piece of content.  This time it includes 2 new Spec. Ops missions: Black Ice and Negotiator with another multiplayer map featuring the iconic Air Force One wreckage, “Black Box”.  All of this content was previously unavailable to non Call of Duty Elite Premium members, but fret not, Activision has announced non Premium members can download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s first “Content Collection 1″ DLC on March 20th.

The “Content Collection 1″ will include the Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch, and Black Box multiplayer maps.  Activision also wanted to point out that Black Ice and Negotiator are the first Spec. Ops missions ever available for download.  Is anyone still even playing Spec. Ops missions?

Xbox 360 users will get first dibs for an undisclosed price as usual, and no release date for the content has been announced yet for Playstation 3 and PC users.


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